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Water Treatment Ozone Generator manufacturers
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Guolin manufactures pigment wastewater treatment ozone generator. Guolin 50kg/h large ozone generator was successfully developed in 2008. This type of ozone generator is the scientific research item of MOHURD afforded by Guolin and also passed the evaluation of scientific and technological achievements of Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of the People’s Republic of China(MOHURD).
Product Specification:
(50kg/h-100kg/h) Large Ozone Generator with Oxygen Source
TypeOzone capacityFeed gas flowOzone concentrationCooling water flowPower consumptionDimension ozone generation tank /PSUWeight
kg/hNm3/hwt%m3/hkwh/kgO3L*W*H mmT
Product Specification:
Origin: Made in China
Model: CF-G-2-50kg
Ozone capacity: 50kg/h
Discharge medium: DBS glass tube
Material of electrode: SS316L
Ozone concentration: 10wt% (148mg/l)
Feed gas type: oxygen source
Function: pigment wastewater treatment ozone generator
Rated power: 350kw
Cooling water flow: 100m3/h
Power supply: 380V50Hz3P
Certificate: CE, ISO9001, ISO14001
Typical Project--Changzhou Longyu Pigment Chemical Co., Ltd.:
Changzhou Longyu Pigment Chemical Co., Ltd is one of the largest organic pigment producers in China. The main products are azo, phthalocyanine, oil soluble and other pigments. The wastewater created during production is 20000m3/d with characteristics of high concentration of organic matter and high chroma. After traditional treatment process, chroma can not reach the discharge requirements. So ozone oxidation process is necessary because of such stable chromophoric group.
At present, the project has adopted 3 sets of 50kg/h and 1 set of 120kg/h ozone generator, the chroma after ozone treatment reached below 30 times, meanwhile COD of effluent is further reduced. So now the effluent meets the requirements of the first grade A discharge.
Ozone Function:
Printing and dyeing wastewater pollutants are mainly from the textile fabric itself and dye in the production process. In the pretreatment process, back pulp wastewater, scouring wastewater, bleaching waste water and mercerizing wastewater need to be discharged. During dyeing printing process, dyeing wastewater, soap washing wastewater and printing wastewater need to be discharged. Finishing process discharges finishing wastewater which contains various dyes, slurry, additives and surface active agent with high chroma and bad biodegradability. Strong oxidation ability of ozone could break the chromophoric group of organic matter, decompose organic matter with bad biodegradability, achieved degradation of toxic and harmful substances and improve the biodegradability of organic compounds, so that sewage can reach the standards for discharging or reusing.
Application Site:

Production Equipment:
A ozone generation tank production line
B Numerical control drilling machine for end plate of ozone generation tank

C Other production equipment
Q: Are you trading company or manufacturer?
A: We are professional ozone generator manufacturer with more than 25years experience.
Q: How long is your delivery time of ozone water treatment system?
A: Generally it is 60 days after down-payment.
Q: What is your term of payment?
A: We support TT,Western union,Alipay ,Paypal,LC
Q: Which market do you already sell?
A: Spain, Italy, Turkey, Iran, Israel, Croatia, Indonesia, Australia, Brazil, Chile, Uganda, Ghana, etc. Water Treatment Ozone Generator manufacturers

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